About us

Zhejiang Suide industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, which enjoys the reputation of "capital of hardware and hot springs in China". It covers an area of 100000 square meters, and has a spacious and bright office building and modern standard factory building. It is equipped with excellent production equipment. It is a high-quality anti-theft door, franc burglar door, steel door Modern enterprise that imitates copper door and other series products. Since its establishment, the company has been taking advantage of the public with an open mind, meticulously shaping the brand with the spirit of challenging the advanced level of the industry, and committed to developing and deducting the art of Chinese and Western doorstep with exquisite technology, so that every home has a security guarantee at all times.


The management team and technical backbone of the company are composed of experienced industry elites, with strong capital advantages, rigorous and scientific management system and practical management philosophy, which fully guarantees the product quality and delivery period. During the development process, the company adheres to the principle of "using the past for the present, and taking the Chinese traditional culture into the enterprise management, and combining with the international advanced management concept, successfully realized the construction of enterprise culture, employee spirit and core business and technical ability, and continuously improved the reputation of our distributors and other customers of" Guangzhou industry and trade "brand, It not only has a strong domestic sales network, but also sells to many countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc., and its influence is expanding rapidly with the continuous improvement of market share.


The products of Sui de have impeccable quality assurance from each link. Each process has been carefully crafted. They are the guarantee for Suide to become an advanced brand in the door industry, win the favor of customers and become a strong driving force for the industry and trade of Suide to continue to advance. Sui de people take "heaven, reward, good morals and carry things" as the motto, through unremitting efforts, innovation, Sui has to start from the beginning to be unique, from being recognized by customers to being paid attention by peers, from an unknown native place to a well-known enterprise with more than 100 million assets, and become a real and rising star in the competitive door market! In the international financial crisis, Sui Di successfully acquired the Sino Canadian joint venture seter group, which will push the cause to a new peak, and will make all new and old customers go higher and further together!


Sui De, is a door to protect security, a door full of happiness, a door to success. Your taste of life is our experience of products. Sui de people will continue to provide customers with better products and close service with professional, focused attitude and persistent efforts. Let time verify quality, win the future with credibility, Suide people are full of confidence and ambition, and Sui de people use their heart and sweat to fulfill our commitment to customers!


With gratitude, we can create a great career in the world. Sui De is willing to cooperate with the majority of more brand conscious real estate development enterprises and business partners to share a better tomorrow!