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Copper doors are more durable than ordinary doors
     In fact, the reason why the copper door loved, to a large extent with its fine decoration, these decorations are copper art. Zhejiang Sui Industry and Trade is specialized in copper door R & D, design, manufacture and after-sales service in one of the modern enterprise, but also operating the production of copper ornaments, copper signs, copper staircase handrails, copper windows, bronze relief murals and other copper decoration engineering. As an ancient art, copper used in the copper door, mainly after some relief, hollow, forged after the pattern and auspicious patterns. More classic animals in the dragon, tiger, phoenix, turtle four beasts and lions, unicorn, deer, crane, mandarin ducks and other flowers and plants, or text decoration abstract patterns complement each other, entrusted to the evil spirits, exodus, blessing and other beautiful desire. In addition, some of today's European-style copper doors in the details of the sculpture also draw on Western architectural elements, such as the use of copper doors on both sides of the multi-gram, Ionic, Corinthian, Tasman dry, composite Style and other classical Greek, Roman column style, the overall feeling of China and the United States atmosphere.
     In terms of practicality, copper doors are more durable than ordinary doors, not only does not exist deformation, cracking problems, but also high-tech lock, anti-theft performance better, longer life